Shizen Energy

Business that will last over a century

Taking self-initiatives to solve issues, without insisting on others' initiatives, is crucial in creating a brighter future. With this credo in mind, the founding members of Shizen Energy Inc. started the company on their initiatives to solve energy issues in Japan and to create their own future with their own hands.

Though we faced tremendous barriers as we started our business, we are making progresses slowly but firmly, by taking on new challenges. We feel that we are limited only by the reach of our own imagination. With ambitious vision to change the world through renewable energy, and with colleagues who share the same vision, we are creating tomorrow's world, paving roads where no road existed yet.

Our efforts in spreading renewable energy must not be one-off or short-lived, and thus we aim to build a business that will last longer than 100 years. We believe that decision-makings with short-term visions do not lead to a better future. Our belief moves us to do the obviously necessary in obviously suited ways, and to carry out everything with true integrity. These are obviously easier said than done, but our people are devoting themselves to get closer to our ideal, day-in and day-out, wherever they are.

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